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Our Engagement Process

We have developed a client engagement process that is tailored to your needs and goals. Our process is transparent and collaborative, allowing you to participate in every step of the journey from initial enquiry to becoming an ongoing client of Custodian Financial Group. We value your input and feedback, and we strive to build a lasting relationship with you.

At this meeting, we introduce you to Custodian Financial Group and listen to your needs, preferences and expectations, and assess your current situation. Our goal is to understand your vision and offer you the best solutions.

After the initial meeting, if we see an opportunity to add value to your financial situation, we will create and present you with a Proposal that details the scope, benefits and fees of our services.

Once you agree with the main points of our Proposal, we will create a detailed advice document (called a Statement of Advice) and send it to you. This document is a legal requirement that shows all the specifics and steps of the proposed plan and how it will benefit you. We will also answer any questions you might have about the Statement of Advice and make sure you understand everything clearly before electing to proceed.

After we finalise the plan together, we assist you in executing it. We stay in touch with you regularly to help you stay on track and inspired. If you require a service that is outside our scope, we connect you with experts from our trusted network.

A few months after we have put your plan into action, we will invite you to a confirmation meeting. This is where we will show you how your plan is working and what kind of reports you will get from us in the future.

A good strategy needs regular updates to stay effective. We don’t just create and execute a plan for you, we also keep it fresh with our ongoing review service. This way, your plan always matches your current goals, objectives and circumstances, as well as the latest changes to legislation or investments.

What Our Clients Say About Us