Our Role

What We Do

We believe that holistic financial advice should take into account each individual’s personal circumstances. Every one of us has a different view of what our ideal lifestyle looks like, and as such the financial strategies suitable to make that lifestyle a reality are different for every client. We have developed a unique client process which allows us to identify your core goals and values so that we can tailor our advice to your specific situation, thus allowing us to prepare the most appropriate strategies for your circumstances. These strategies are then discussed with you before taking any further action to ensure you fully understand and are completely comfortable with our recommendations.

Providing comprehensive advice is of no value if that advice is not properly implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure its continued appropriateness. For this reason we maintain regular contact with you during the implementation phase to ensure that your strategies are established properly and to keep you fully informed of the progress along the way. We understand that your financial resources are critical to your personal wellbeing and we make it our responsibility to ensure that you are fully informed throughout the process. We continue to review our advice on an ongoing and structured basis and communicate with you regularly as part of our prudent and comprehensive service.

Australian Financial Services Licensee: Custodian Financial Group Pty Ltd

License Number: 465524, ABN: 92 139 279 306