While superannuation is an important investment vehicle for all Australians saving for retirement, very few people utilise the superannuation system effectively. Many people underestimate, ignore, or simply do not understand the financial opportunities that superannuation provides

The majority of people, financial advisers and clients alike, mistakenly view superannuation as only a means for investing. As a result most people do not actually use the superannuation environment as it was intended (much to the government’s delight!). We know the intricacies of the superannuation system and can prepare technical strategies that provide risk-free financial benefits for our clients, in addition to specific investment advice.

Our knowledge of superannuation extends to all fund types, from retail and industry funds to Government superannuation (i.e. CSS and PSS) and self-managed superannuation funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office for a free review of your existing superannuation arrangements or to undertake a full analysis of your risk management needs.

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