As part of our prudent approach we consider the impact that an undesirable event may have on your personal circumstances if it were to occur. The loss of one’s ability to produce income due to illness, injury, disability or death can have severe consequences if those risks are left unmanaged. Insuring those risks can play a critical role in protecting your wealth.

As is the case with our overall approach, we believe that risk management must be tailored to each individual’s personal circumstances. While we understand the importance of properly managing risks to ensure your financial position is as robust as possible, we do not recommend a person take out insurance if we do not truly believe it is appropriate. The risk of being over insured and paying excess premiums must also be taken into account and managed properly.

Our in-house risk management expert is fully qualified as a Life Risk Specialist, the peak of excellence for risk management and insurance advice (as recognised by the Financial Planning Association of Australia). In addition, our independence allows us consider any and all insurance options and implement a strategy that is most appropriate for you. In an industry that is often plagued by conflicting advice, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are protected in the most effective manner possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office to arrange a free review of your existing insurance arrangements or to undertake a full analysis of your risk management needs.

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