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Client Engagement Process

Custodian Financial Group has a unique Client Engagement Process that has been specially designed to give clients a greater insight and understanding of the process from initial enquiry to becoming an ongoing client of Custodian Financial Group. The process involves a close working relationship with input from both parties.

1) Initial Meeting

This meeting provides you with information on Custodian Financial Group, the services we provide and the way we operate. It also provides an opportunity for us to find out more about your situation, ascertain your exact requirements and then determine how and where we can add value. Our aim at this meeting is to uncover more about what you want to achieve and how you are currently structured. We then (in most circumstances) prepare a written Proposal summarising the costs and benefits of engaging our services. There is no cost or obligation to you for the meeting or Proposal.

2) Proposal Meeting

This meeting provides details surrounding the costs and benefits associated with the Proposal. Should you wish to proceed, this meeting can then lead to further discussion regarding your risk profile and any more specifics associated with your goals and objectives. Following this meeting, we will then prepare a written strategic and investment advice document (i.e. Financial Plan), that is sent to you for your perusal.

3) Strategy Presentation Meeting

This is an opportunity to answer any queries you may have with the Financial Plan and explain the document in an easy to understand format. Then, should you be comfortable to proceed, we will implement the proposed recommendations

4) Implementation

Once agreed, we will co-ordinate the implementation of the recommendations and keep you informed of the progress along the way.

5) Confirmation Meeting

Three to four months after implementation has been completed, we will conduct a confirmation meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to provide an update as to how the implementation has progressed and provide an example of the reporting you can expect to receive going forward. This also provides an opportunity to refresh your memory as to why the strategy is appropriate.

6) Ongoing Review Service

Dates are established and agreed upon for the ongoing review service. The greatest strategy in the world becomes ineffective without an ongoing review service. Once a strategy has been developed and implemented on your behalf, we continue to add value via our ongoing review service. This part of our service ensures your plans reflect your current goals, objectives and circumstances as well as changes in legislation.

Australian Financial Services Licensee: Custodian Financial Group Pty Ltd

License Number: 465524, ABN: 92 139 279 306